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The 3 Biggest Lies!

The 3 Biggest Lies!

By Greg Hammons

You have been going to the gym, consistently but things are moving as fast or in the direction you want. Is it the workout (not likely), is it the nutrition (possibly), or is it the way you approach your entire fitness experience? Get your mindset right and your whole experience changes.

Check out the video to give yourself a gym mindset that won’t fail!









10 Pounds Looks Like This!

10 Pounds Looks Like This!

By Michael Harland

A client of our shared some transformation photos recently and we wanted to share them with the rest of our community. Britney, a fairly new member, has lost 10 pounds since joining! I wish we could have done an InBody body composition scan because we can clearly see the increase in muscle mass and definition as well.

Great job, Britney!


Client Expectations

Client Expectations

By Michael Harland

Recently I wrote about expectations and left out one important group of people to have expectations for…

My clients.

You see, they absolutely have expectations of 1. Me as a coach and 2. Our program as a whole.

They want to achieve and accomplish very difficult goals. They also expect that we are going to reach these goals, no matter what. Here are some other things they expect:

To do this without pain or injury

To enjoy their experience every time they enter the door

To be lead by highly educated coaches

To get answers to any questions they have

And so much more.

I as a person, and we as a program understand the wants and needs of every person we work with, but those are some big items to live up to. Because of this I/we have our own set of expectations.

One of the biggest expectations I personally have is that we have an honest relationship.

I don’t care if someone has a weight loss goal of 40 pounds and then goes out drinking and smashing pizzas all night…

I care if they didn’t own up to and talk to me about it.

You see, there’s no way I can help someone accomplish what they want without their honesty and a whole heart committed to me or our program.

What are some other expectations I have?

A strong work ethic. I don’t care what someone’s ability is. Whether you can squat 5 pounds or 500 pounds doesn’t matter to me. What matters is that you give me everything you can, every time we work together.

There’s definitely more, but with those 2 things, we can make anything happen. I absolutely guarantee it.









Summer Slim-Down Challenge!

Summer Slim-Down Challenge!

By Michael Harland

Recently, we’ve heard a lot of our members mention that they wanted some help to stay on track/get back on track. So, we just decided to run a quick (5-week) summer challenge!


This challenge will be open to all current training clients, along with anyone starting a trial next training phase. Here are the different tiers:

$29 – This is for anyone that participated in our last challenge and has all of the other nutritional resources.

$49 – This is for anyone that has participated in any other challenge previously and still has their nutritional resources.

$99 – This is for anyone that has never participated in a challenge with us and needs the 3-tier meal plans that we use. If you are a current member, you will receive all 3 phases of the meal plans we use. If you are a new trial member you will get 5 weeks of unlimited training with us, plus the 1st phase of our meal plans.


The main focus of this program will be accountability. For this, it will be emails, check-ins, and things of that nature. We will also update our private Facebook group for you. Along with that, we will have an InBody scan at this Recovery Week and next Recovery Week.


So if you’re looking to get on track, get back on track, be surrounded by others, lose a few pounds and jump-start your summer, send us an email so that we can get you signed up!

Important Dates:

InBody – Tuesday July 3rd (before) & August 7th (after) from 5:45 am – 10 am & 4 pm – 7 pm



Jen’s Transformation!

Jen’s Transformation!

By Michael Harland

Today’s transformation is someone that started with our Best Me Yet program and has continued training with us, even taking the next step and joining our Small Group Training program. The pictures below speak for themselves, but I’d like to break down the amazing numbers she’s been able to achieve.

During the program, Jen managed to lose a total of 14.1 pounds. During the final 5 weeks of the program, she had actually managed to add almost 2 pounds of muscle, which makes her actual body composition changes more than we could hope for.

Since then, and while participating in our Small Group Training program, Jen’s weight has actually stayed exactly the same. Why? Well, she has decreased her overall body fat percentage by another 3.3% and increased her skeletal muscle mass by 4 pounds!

So what can a good exercise program, proper nutrition, and dedication do for you? It can truly change your body composition in the best way possible.


Amazing job, Jen!


Pain In The Neck?!

Pain In The Neck?!

By Greg Hammons

If you have ever sat at a desk you have probably felt that achy burning in the back of your shoulder and neck. And, like most people, you have probably tried to relieve it by rubbing it or rolling it, but soon after it comes right back. The issue may not be the muscle at all. In this video, find out how to test yourself and learn what you can do that may help that “pain in the neck.”









Kara’s Transformation!

Kara’s Transformation!

By Michael Harland

A few weeks back we announced our Best Me Yet winners. Since then, we’ve been publishing other participants results and wanted to share Kara. She and her boyfriend (now fiance!) did the program together. Now, I could sit and write a bunch of stuff about this, but here’s what her fiance had to say:

“I would like to nominate Kara for third place if she is not in the running for the 2nd and 1st place prize. I know I might be a little bias but I do think she deserves some acknowledgment as she was there pretty much every day through the challenge. She did miss a week and that might hold her back a bit, but if you look at what she’s accomplished through these 10 weeks, she’s lost 17 pounds. That is a lot for a girl to lose in that duration of time.

She was the only one that pushed me to get to the gym when I was not fully awake and all my excuses she pushed me and others. Hell she picks up bigger weights than I do! I have been so inspired by her mindset and how she always makes sure we made our meals on Sunday and made time and never ever said we won’t prep our food because it’s too hard or takes too long. She always said it will be a little longer than expected but it will help us out in the long run.

Even in the tough times through these 10 weeks, she had her tunnel vision and is looking right at her goal. Never went down a side street and never gave up on anything. Never said she couldn’t do it, or never said I couldn’t either. Through my tough times getting upset with my planks and how I was doing things incorrect she always kept telling me that when she started with you guys at AM that she was doing things wrong as well. But she learned how to do the exercises just like I have been. She doesn’t take shit from anyone and if you challenge her she will beat you and won’t let you forget it until you beat her in whatsoever.”

Pretty incredible, right?! Billy, thank you for the amazing write-up and Kara, congratulations on your transformation!




The Importance Of Eccentric

The Importance Of Eccentric

By LeighAnn Clark

We often say that the eccentric part of the exercise can be used to make an exercise harder, or we mention that is a very important part of the exercise, but do you really understand what that means? Watch my video to better understand what part of the exercise is the eccentric and just what it is that makes it so important.