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100 Healthy Days

100 Healthy Days

By Michael Harland

Today’s blog is going to be quick and simple. I’m inviting you to join me in a free program that lasts 100 days. Read below!

Over the next 100 days, I plan to do things to help me live my longest, best life. I plan to work on my health and wellness, education, mental state, and so much more.

But, I don’t want to do this alone! So I invite you to join and to invite your friends to join.

Why? Because when there is a community of positive people, we can completely change the world. So please join me on this journey to be our absolute best selves.

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Why I Relay – Andrea

Why I Relay

By: Andrea Sinclair

I relay because cancer made me an orphan. Cancer stole my parents during the same year- it barely felt like the leaves had changed and they were both gone. I relay because my nephews will never feel how much their grandparents fought this disease with all that they had so that they could maybe meet them. My parents would have fought forever to be able to spoil their grandchildren on Christmas morning, to watch school recitals smiling ear to ear, to be there to offer them some gems of wisdom as they get them off the bus after hard days at school. I hate that cancer stole my foundation, my stability- but I hate more, is that my nephews will never have that foundation… never feel that warm sense of safety and support that comes within generations of a family’s love.

I relay because cancer stole so much of my best friends potential as treatment allowed for her survival, but the fallout from this life-saving treatment stole her body system by system. There is no doubt that the world is so much better for having her in it, but if she had never known cancer, she would have moved more mountains as she is the most powerful, beautiful, giving spirit I have the honor of knowing, I relay because I pray the next generation of children with cancer will have treatment that not only saves them, but allows them to thrive as though cancer was just a speed bump in their long healthy lives… or better yet, cancer is spoken of as an epidemic of the dark ages in their history books. I relay because I am mad as hell for all the loss my best friend and her family have endured because cancer found her as a child.

This may seem like a mute point given the impact of cancer on the human race, but I relay because I work at an emergency veterinary hospital and I see so many families that are losing a furry family member to cancer. These families have the option of ending their loved ones pain and suffering after trying every treatment we have. I cry on my ride home because I know yet another family has had their hearts broken by cancer. If we have answers for humans we’ll inevitably have more answers for the pets who have been our loyal companions and backbones of our families.

My parents traveled day after day to the best hospitals in Connecticut, then Manhattan and Boston where they first received the latest and greatest treatment that modern medicine knows. When they were told that the doctors had nothing left to offer my parents joined clinical trials in the hopes that the knowledge gained from their inevitable death would help future generations. I relay because I hope my parents death wasn’t in vain and that their grandchildren won’t know the heartbreak from having their world ripped out from under them by cancer. I relay because this world needs people like my best friend who fight for light in darkness to be at full warrior strength in these times, not hollowed out by cancer and the treatment
that ravaged her body and soul.

I relay because I have to do something. I don’t think walking around a track and raising some money will end cancer. I do think the collective energy of people who are angry & broken but hopeful & ready to fight combined with financial and institutional support for research will help bring an end to cancer.

This June I will be relaying with my gym family from A|M Fitness because all their efforts have made me healthier and in doing so they’ve given me my fight back.


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Conscious Walking

Conscious Walking

By LeighAnn Clark

The foot is a very complex, important structure. It is our foundation. It is our only point of contact with the ground. If something is wrong at our foundation, everything above it is affected. As a house will crumble if it’s foundation is comprised, so will our bodies.

The bottom of our foot is covered in receptors. These receptors read information every time we take a step; the texture of the ground, how hard or soft the surface, etc. When we put shoes on, we block these receptors and therefore block off a part of our nervous system.

Every time your foot hits the ground, there is a vibration sent through the ground that travels up your leg and through your entire body. When we walk barefoot we can learn to anticipate the ground reaction forces and prepare our body for impact. As soon as we put on shoes, we block the receptors and can no longer prepare our body for impact.

To counteract this vibration, what we need to do is learn how to walk consciously and how to contract our leg muscles properly. The problem is that most people chose the wrong remedy; extra cushioned shoes. When we hit the ground, the vibration still happens, but with these extra cushioned shoes, we’ve allowed the cushion to absorb these vibrations. That means our body can no longer sense how hard we are actually striking the ground. So then we strike the ground harder. This is what can lead to stress fractures, achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, IT Band syndrome, etc. What we need to learn to do is isometrically contract the muscles in the leg and learn how to walk consciously.

To learn how to walk properly and learn how to correctly anticipate the ground reaction force every time your foot hits the ground, watch my video!









Transformation Tuesday – Chantelle

Transformation Tuesday – Chantelle

By Michael Harland

Today we wanted to recognize one of our newer members, Chantelle, who has been consistent since the day that she started. She recently participated in our Best Me Yet program and used meal plans that were provided to her, along with our Large Group Training sessions. To add to this, Chantelle was always actively sharing in our private Facebook group and participating in our outside events; cooking classes and Flight Trampoline. All of this has led to her increasing her muscle mass in the last 5 weeks and decreasing her body fat percentage over the full 10 weeks!

Great job, Chantelle!

chantelle-front-before chantelle-after-3

chantelle-side-before chantelle-after-1

chantelle-back-before chantelle-after-2









Creating Your Center of Stability

Creating Your Center of Stability (Blog 3 of 3)

By LeighAnn Clark

The next step after learning how to activate our pelvic floor and then learning how to activate short foot to create stability with our foot instead of our bigger muscles, we can learn how to integrate these steps to create even more stability throughout our entire body, and experience how everything is connected. We need to understand the relationship of our pelvic floor in creating stability throughout our entire body. This is how we accomplish this.

Why do we activate short foot instead of doing a simple towel scrunch with our toes? The scrunch may activate the foot, but it will not activate the rest of the body. You will not create the connection between your pelvic floor and your foot and your arms and your mouth. We are trying to utilize each piece to create full body stability.

Learn how by watching my video!









Why I Relay – Kathy

Why I Relay

By: Kathy Kielbowicz

Why I relay…..

Cancer has touched my life in so many ways. I have lost both of my grandmothers to cancer and I have way too many friends who have battled or are currently battling cancer. When I stop to think about it, it’s scary to think of all the people I know whose lives cancer has touched. I relay to help find a cure, to help find new treatment options, to help ease the pain of those fighting for their lives.

I relay for my best friend from childhood who’s life was ended way too early because of cancer. It took her in the prime of her life. She courageously battled cancer for years, trying to seek treatments that would stop the tumors from growing and spreading. She endured surgeries, an arm amputation and years of pain because of cancer.

It’s been ten years since we lost her and I still miss her daily. I often think of her when I need strength to face something difficult. I think of her when I need the motivation to persevere. I think of all she endured and realize if she could face all of that- I can most certainly do my thing.

I relay to remember those we’ve lost. I relay for strength for those still battling and I relay to celebrate with those who have survived.

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Short Foot Activation

Short Foot Activation (Blog 2 of 3)

By LeighAnn Clark

We live in a society where shoes are accepted as a natural part of life. We weren’t born with shoes on our feet, we didn’t learn to walk by taking the floor away from our foot. And yet, we have learned that in order to walk properly, we must put a ton of cushioning between our foot and the ground, and we must force our foot into a locked position with insoles and orthotics. And in the process, we have lost our ability to interpret how hard our foot hits the ground, the ability to let the ankle joint move freely, and we have created stiff, weak feet that can no longer do what they were intended to do; support the rest of our body.

Now we have to relearn how to stabilize our body with our foot and not just our big muscles like the quads and glutes.

Picture the foundation of a house. If the foundation is compromised, the rest of the structure becomes compromised; the walls break, the ceilings fall, the roof collapses, the windows break. If your foot is your foundation, you don’t want it to be broken. If it is, then the rest of your body’s structure will break too. If you experience discomfort, hypomobility, injury, etc, at the ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, or neck, your foot may very well be to blame. Because once one structure breaks, the rest will follow suit.

But how do I repair the structure? Whether you have plantar fasciitis, IT Band syndrome, shin splints, most of these problems can be aided and even fixed by mobilizing and activating the foot. This can be done in many ways, but the foundation of movement is the same. Watch my video to find out how to mobilize and activate your foot so the healing process can begin!









This S*** Actually Works!

This S*** Actually Works!

By Carly Ouellette

As this challenge comes to an end, I decided to take my “after” pictures during the snow day.

I have done a number of challenges since I’ve been at AM but I’ve never made it this far. Well, what do you know? This shit actually works! I attended the gym 5-6 days a week for the last 9 weeks.

I followed the meal plans closely. I listened to the coaches and kept open communication. And most importantly, I fucking held myself accountable.

Although there is only a small scale victory, the “before” and “after” pictures show more than the scale could ever say.

Unfortunately, I was unable to make the “before” pictures taken from the photographer at the gym and I won’t be able to make the “after” pictures so I decided to take my own and I’m glad I did. I, personally, have not noticed much of a change in my body and have been so stuck on the weight loss aspect that I was blown away when I compared the pictures.

I’ve got a long way to go- but since I’ve joined AM this is the longest I’ve stuck to it. It’s true, there are no magic shakes or pills. It requires hard work and dedication and you and the coaches will be behind us every step of the way to help to get us to where we want to be.

I’m usually pretty uncomfortable showing these pictures of me, but I’m damn proud of how far I’ve come in 9 weeks.

Who cares about the scale? The pictures show it all.

So glad that I stuck with it. Can’t wait to continue my journey. Thanks for helping me to become the best me yet!

I know they’re not professionally done- but you can very clearly see a change in many areas!

Before Photos:

After Photos:










Pelvic Floor Activation

Pelvic Floor Activation (Blog 1 of 3)

By LeighAnn Clark

Your pelvic floor is your center of gravity, and therefore your center of stability. Without it, we are not using our maximum potential in anything that we do. Creating that strength will make us stronger when we squat, when we run, when we live our lives. Without a strong center of gravity, we are unstable. If your pelvic floor is not active, it is not strong, gravity will take over and put you in whatever position you fall into. You may have a forward head posture, or a pelvic tilt, or have trouble walking.

Learn how to activate your pelvic floor on the ground first. Once you have mastered this, then you may progress to a standing position.

But how do we create strength in our pelvic floor? No, it is not by doing Kegels. Watch my video to find out!









Why I Relay – Spencer

Why I Relay

By: Spencer Ingvertsen

When I was in middle school I did relay for life to be able to spend an entire day with all my friends, to be able to sleep in a tent and to be able to stay up all night without getting into trouble by my parents. I would walk around the track at the high school and see all of the white bags lit up in honor of the survivors, and in memory of those who lost their battle. At that age, I never really thought about how many people are affected when someone has cancer. Cancer doesn’t just affect the individual who has the disease, it affects their family members, their loved ones, their friends and even those who may have only met them one time. I relay to honor those who I have lost and to fight for a cure. I relay for my grandmother and grandfather that I never had the chance to meet. I relay in memory of my Aunt Jane who passed away.

This year I relay for my cousin Jen, who in August of 2016 was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic melanoma. Jen has been responding very well to treatment, treatments that weren’t available a few years ago. Jen is more just a cousin to me, she is like a sister. I relay to show Jen that she isn’t fighting this alone, that I will fight beside her, that the whole A|M Fitness community will fight with her.

I am raising money to support the fighters. Admiring the survivors. Honor the taken. To show that we will never stop fighting for a cure.

Are you going to fight with me?!

Click here to join our team and/or donate to Relay For Life