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Wrist Mobility

Ever drop out of a plank or stop doing push ups, not because your core or your upper body was tired but because your wrists just weren’t having it?


By Greg Hammons

Sometimes to make sure we can keep getting stronger we have to make sure our joints have the ROM to keep up with us and what we want to do. Here we go over several pre and post workout exercises to help improve your wrist mobility to keep you in the game and working your hardest!

Wrist Mobility


Hamstring Stretch

Our warmups sometimes include a hamstring stretch, one that is very much needed by the majority of us.


By LeighAnn Clark

It’s a fantastic stretch, but are we doing it right?

When we use this stretch, we need to use something called Reciprocal Inhibition. This essentially means that if one muscle is active, the opposite muscle is relaxed. When we want to stretch out the hamstring, we need to activate the quad by thinking about pulling the kneecap toward our hip. This will activate the quad, effectively relaxing the opposite muscle, the hamstring, and allowing it to stretch. If the hamstring is active when we go to stretch it, we won’t get anything out of it. It’s like making a muscle with your bicep and then someone trying to pull your hand down while you’re holding it; can’t be done because you cannot lengthen an active muscle.

As long as we are keeping our quad tight, we’ll feel the wonderful effects of the stretch very quickly.

Hamstring Stretch


How To Use The JG’s To Your Benefit During Your Squat Patterns

If you are new to working out or it’s been awhile since you have used a squat pattern, the Jungle Gym system can be a great way to understand the way a squat works.


By LeighAnn Clark

The JG’s will allow you to perform these patterns with a lot more ease and will also allow you to understand what the movement should look and feel like. Whether the exercise is a traditional squat, a split squat, or a lunge, the JG’s will allow you to execute the movement with a lot more confidence as you learn what muscles to use and how correct form comes into play. Make sure to start with the handles set up to hip level so they can be utilized with the tension necessary!

JG Squat Patterns


You Created That Habit, Now Create A New One

One of the biggest things to remember, especially in regards to fitness, health, and lifestyle, is that we are creatures of habit.


By Mike Harland

We will continue to do things we’ve done repeatedly.

Something else to remember is that if we aren’t happy with where we are, again in regards to fitness, health, and lifestyle, it is a direct effect of the things we are currently doing repeatedly.

So what does that tell us? That if we want to make new, positive changes, we need to fill our lives with new habits and do these things repeatedly. Here are a few of the big ones we focus on:

~ Exercise habits

~ Eating habits

~ Sleeping Patterns

For most new clients we know that changing these things will guarantee success. We also know that this is a very difficult thing to do. Here’s an example:

During a trial, we help with nutrition and during a challenge/program, we give out meal plans. Here are the comments we receive:

“I don’t eat like that”

“I like to eat 3 meals a day and 2 snacks”

“I don’t eat that many carbs”

and so on…

This is my rebuttal – “are you happy with where you are currently?”

To which the reply is almost always a strong NO.

So what we need to do now is change a client’s mindset and eating habits. This goes for exercise and sleep as well. With most of what I’ve read, the consensus seems to be that 21 days gets us going in the right direction for behavior changes. For our new clients, this is great news, since our trials are 35 days long.

During this time we offer help with these changes, habits, and lifestyles. We offer information, advice, and help with everything we can, so that a new client can create the positive changes that lead them to healthier habits, ultimately making them the most successful they have ever been.

Here’s a question for you – would you like to have all of the tools given to you, a community of like-minded people all on the same mission, educated professionals to help you every day, and a program that has a proven record of success? If so, click the link below and we will get back to you immediately with how we can help!



$1.63 – Our Value Proposition

I just wrapped up a meeting with our staff. One of the topics was our new member experience and the value we provide.


By Mike Harland

The reality is, we’re trying to sell you something. That’s a given. What we try to focus on, though, is not the actual sale, but the experience up until we ask for the sale.
You see, we don’t talk about pricing, commitment, or anything else money-related until a person has reached their 3rd-week training with us. Why? Because our focus is on these areas:

1. Creating, implementing, and sticking with new exercise habits – one of the biggest things we can do is help someone create a routine that is manageable, fun, and lets them look forward to each upcoming session. Through anyone’s trial, we will check in multiple times and make sure they are sticking with the commitment they wanted to make. We know what this commitment is because we ask the question on our new member questionnaire. We will also ask, multiple times, if there is anything we can do to make someone’s experience better.

2. Educating and helping with nutritional guidance and meal plans – we will actually sit down and help you write out your meal plans. We have a day-1 email that has links to our nutritional system that simplifies what it is a person needs to eat, healthy options to consider while writing out your meal plans, actual paper to sit and write your plans out with, and a follow up email asking if we can help further with the information we send.

3. Being there before and after your training session – our staff is required to be on the fitness floor interacting with our clients (new and old) any time there is a client in our facility. We teach you how to stretch, give you corrective strategies for injuries, give you advice on how to improve other areas of your fitness, talk about what’s going on in your life (because relationship building is one of the most important things we can work on), and so much more.

We want to show a person why we are the right choice for them. Want to know how much that costs to find out? The average cost of a training session when someone does a trial with us is $1.63. That’s less than coffee. That’s less than gas. That’s less than a meal out. That’s less than almost anything you do on a daily basis. Know what else it is? It’s one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself.

What if I said I could give you more value than any other program in Connecticut for only $3.30 a training session? Here’s what you’d get:

~ 5 weeks of unlimited training sessions, with a coach for every single session.

~ Complete, done-for-you meal plans with 3 phases of caloric guidelines, simplified and structured by probably the best dietitian in the state.

~ Nutrition seminars with the dietitian to understand exactly what the information means and how to work the program. He will also answer ANY nutrition-related questions you may have at these workshops.

~ Medical grade body composition scanning. You see, we have a piece of equipment that most companies simply can’t afford. It’s called the INBODY 570 and is one of the best body composition machines on the market. It will tell you exactly what you’re made of – fat/muscle/water – and we will check this 3 times to see exactly how your body is changing.

~ Along with this we have things like a private Facebook group and group outings to help with community and relationship building as well.

So when you’re ready, I’d love to have the opportunity to show you why we are a great option for your fitness goals. For now, check out the link to see the full list of what comes with this offer:



I Have Two Questions For You

I have 2 questions I need you to answer as truthfully as possible:


By Mike Harland

1. Are you comfortable with where your health is right now?

a. Are you on any medications and if so, are you ok with being on them for the rest of your life?

b. Are you at your ideal weight and are you happy with the way you look?

c. If you had to run the length of a football field, would you be able to? And if you could, would you be able to recover in an appropriate amount of time?

2. What do you think your answers will be in 10 years if you asked yourself the same questions?

The rest of your life starts now and you need to make sure that you live with the quality of life you imagined as a child.

Stop eating shit food.

Start moving.

Sleep more.

Worry less.

And the only detox you need is from anything bringing you negative energy.

It’s that fucking simple.


Squat Hack

The squat has so many bits and pieces to it; lock the abs, tuck the hips, eyes up, chest up, shoulders back, knees in line with the toes, etc.


By LeighAnn Clark

It can be a lot to try to remember all of these cues. One important detail of our squat that we tend to miss is the knees tracking over the toes, as opposed to letting them cave in. This is very important to maintain because we need to make sure that the glutes can activate in our squat, and we also need to make sure that we aren’t compensating with our knees to finish our squats because we don’t want to face knee pain down the road. The easiest way to accomplish this piece is by using tactile reinforcement with a miniband.

Check out my video to see how to use the miniband to keep the knees tracking over the toes!

Squat Hack


Glute Activation for Knee Pain

We focus a lot of our energy on mobility when we are preparing ourselves to train.


By LeighAnn Clark

Mobility is incredibly important because we need to make sure that the muscles are ready to move through a full range of motion, but activation is a huge component as well. Typically in our class setting, we will set you up with general activation that will help the majority of people, but if you have a specific injury or pain that you are working around, you may need more than what we will prescribe to the masses.

When talking about knee pain, there are many different factors that can lead to knee pain, one of those can be tightnesses in various surrounding muscles, but it can also be caused by weakness in surrounding muscles. In this case, we are looking at how weakness in the glutes can cause knee pain.

Check out my video on how to activate and strengthen the glutes to alleviate knee pain!

Glute Activation for Knee Pain


Iliopsoas: The Hidden Culprit

Do you have chronic back or hip pain, that won’t go away, no matter how much you stretch and foam roll?


By Greg Hammons

The hidden culprit may be a deep muscle called the iliopsoas. The iliopsoas muscle is one of our major hip flexors. When we sit for long periods of time or do things that flex the hip, this muscle tends to get tight. An ignored iliopsoas muscle can affect your posture and result in pain in your thighs, back, and hips.

Iliopsoas: The Hidden Culprit


Active Core

Whether you’re in the gym swinging a kettlebell or at home picking up your children, the ability to activate your core muscles, like your abs, will determine how well you can perform the task at hand, and how well you move the next day.


By LeighAnn Clark

All too often, we forget this piece; but without an active core, we run the risk of hurting our back by using it when we weren’t supposed to. More often than not, it’s not even in the gym that we experience a problem because we’re much more cognizant of our movement patterns and what muscles to use. When we go home, we don’t make the connection that we use the same movement patterns to make the bed, reach into a cabinet, hold our children.

But how do we activate the abs? Most people think it means to pull the navel into the spine, effectively “sucking in,” when what we really need to do is to push out. Check out my video to better understand how to activate your abs!

Shoulder IR